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Alaska Native Corporations:

Thirteen regional corporations and over 200 community/village and urban corporations were formed as a result of the passage of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971. Each ANCSA Corporation distributed stock in 100 share blocks as a birthright to its shareholders. Since then many of these corporations have opened the doors for new borns to join in ownership interest in these companies. Today these corporations are alive and flourishing and produce shareholder employment opportunities, scholarships and internships. These ANCSA Corporations endeavor to perpetuate self-determination and keeps the Native culture thriving.

8(a) Programs

The government has allowed these corporations to benefit from the 8(a) program to assist and mentor these corporations to develop more employment opportunities for its ever increasing large shareholder base. The ANCSA Corporations shareholder base is comprised of some of the most disadvantaged people in the United States. Participation in the 8(a) program is helping ANCSA corporations in reaching their goal of assisting their shareholder base in achieving the goal of self-determination. The shareholder base is mostly Alaska based however, many live outside the borders of Alaska. The ANCSA corporations have grown its subsidiaries beyond the borders of Alaska and now provide employment and internship opportunities not only in Alaska but throughout the United States.

  • Under proposed SBA 8(a)program rules, corporations who plan to take advantage of the 8(a) programs will now be required to submit information to SBA showing how their 8(a)participation has benefited their local communities, including funding cultural programs and providing employment assistance, jobs, scholarships and internships.

Welcome to Career Opportunities within the Native Community

Mission: -Working in partnership with Native entities to highlight the many jobs available in the Native community and attract the most qualified candidates to fill job vacancies.

The power of Facebook as a social media Facebook was the fist social media account opened and the participation highlighted the importance of the tool in spreading the word about job has worked to increase its facebook friends/fans and has surpassed 7,350, with more joining every day. One important aspect of face book is the ability to post Job Alerts that often reach friends of friends.Most facebook friends have at least 150 to 350 friends, since the facebook pages are open to everyone, now can boast an outreach of over TWO MILLION.
Note:Over 80 percent of these Friends/Fans are Alaska Native.

Why was created: The founder of learned rather quickly while working in the social service trade that a better outreach was necessary to view ALL jobs available in the Native community.With so many Native corporations and subsidiaries it became disturbing to keep writing down so many different websites to direct clients to potential job vacancies. is now a great source to showcase the corporations, subsidiaries and non-profits and how they effect the Alaska economy.

Alaska Business Monthly

  • Native organizations bring in 71 percent of the revenue represented by all industries that made the Top 49 companies in Alaska. They also employ more than 58 percent of all Alaska employees.


  • These companies are the foundation for a healthy Alaskan economy. Though many Native corporations work on a worldwide scale, their operations are based in Alaska, bringing dollars into the state, versus other large companies with headquarters elsewhere who provide jobs, but take dollars out of the state into their operations offices.

Encouraging Alaska Native Corporation to Utilize It is critical to the websites success that we work to collaborate with Native entities to focus on the goal of creating a ONE STOPlocation to view job vacancies in the Native community. By working together in unison we help facilitate alerting jobs seekers of job vacancies while assisting Native organizations in achieving their goal of shareholder and Native hire policies. Because does not focus on one corporation and has a wide outreach it has become a net to attract a wider base of potential job seekers. ANCSA companies are challenged with hiring policies utilizing Public Law 93-638 to take advantage of the Native hire preference if Natives qualify for jobs within the Native community.

Through unity of organizations and individuals collaborating and showcasing the jobs available in the Native community and utilizing one website to post jobs and view applicants, a vision of Empowering Natives through employmentis anticipated.

News Media: drew widespread attention from media outlets across Alaska and Nationwide. The website notoriety reached the associated press and was quickly picked up throughout Alaska and Native news media.Because of this has quickly become the place Natives turn to find jobs in the Native community.

Note: While Native hire policies are in place ANY candidate with qualification are encouraged to apply for job vacancies Although the website primarily focuses on employment opportunities within Native organizations, job postings from ALL employers who welcome Natives to work at their establishments are encouraged to utilize the website by posting job announcements and viewing potential job seeker profiles and resumes.

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