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Job Title: Sales Event Specialist (Demonstrator)

  JOB DESCRIPTION:As a primary contact for Safeway customers, the Sales Event Specialist demonstrates merchandise and products for the purpose of creating public interest in purchasing the product or merchandise. May demonstrate the product, or provide samples to customer.  The Sales Event Specialist may work in the following departments: Deli, Bakery, Produce, Starbucks, Meat/Seafood, Floral, GM/HBC. Multiple Sales Events may be worked in a day. Duties will vary based on specific Sales Event.   JOB DUTIES:Safeway Sales Event Specialist employees are generally responsible for completing the following job duties:  1.       Provide customer service as currently defined by the employer within the scope of the position and within company policy. 2.       Obtain Buzz sheet, with data about product, product features, complementary selling suggestions, and selling script. Reads and uses information to sell product. Products include food items and other non-grocery items.3.       Obtain equipment and product, sets up and arranges display to attract attention of customers. This may involve cutting and preparing produce/deli items in sample sizes, and filling trays or ice chests with ice.4.       Provide samples to customers using clean technique when food item is involved. Demonstrates and explains products to persuade customers to purchase products, and answers questions. Points out complementary products, and provide sample flyer, or coupon as appropriate. Informs customer of price and features of product. Keeps food products at safe temperature and in a sanitary manner.5.       At end of shift returns equipment such as tables, tablecloths, trays, ice containers, and other equipment to storage as appropriate.6.       Other duties as assigned.  JOB RELATED QUALIFICATIONS:1.       Prior experience in sales w/ sales oriented focus.2.       Excellent communication skills.3.       Comfortable being proactive with customer interactions.4.       Ability to understand and follow directions.5.       Ability to work independently.6.       Ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment.7.       Ability to adjust to changing priorities/tasks. 8.       Ability to follow company customer service procedures.  Demonstrated prior customer service skills or related experience.   SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES:None  PERMITS/LICENSES:Varies depending on store location and state/county requirements.  WORK ENVIRONMENT:%Inside: 95%                %Outside: 5% (Rare) Chemicals: Occasionally may come into contact with mild detergents or cleaners. May wear gloves.  TOOLS, AND EQUIPMENT:small portable table and table cloth, cutting board and knives, grocery cart, toothpicks and napkins, slicing glove, trays, garbage can, plastic gloves, brochures and coupons
Job Title: Sales Event Specialist (Demonstrator) PHYSICAL DEMANDS:Constant (over 70% of the time)  Frequent (30-70%)  Occasional (10-30%)  Seldom (1-10%)              Lifting:Constantly lifts 1-10 lbs.  Occasionally lifts11-20 lbs.  Carrying:Seldom carries 1-35 lbs.  Cart may be used for heavier weights.Pushing / Pulling:Occasionally pushes/pulls 1-20 lbs. Reaching:Constant knee to shoulder level reaching to obtain product and hand to customer, to set up display areas and to obtain supplies.Sitting: Seldom. During meal and breaks only.Standing: Constant standing while on job. Walking: Frequent  walking while on job.Climb/Balance:Seldom.  May use step stool.Trunk Functions:Constant neck rotation when interacting with customers and preparing product for sampling.  Constant bending of head when obtaining sample from case.  Occasional twisting.  Seldom bending/stooping, crouching and squatting. Upper Extremity:Constant handling/grasping when preparing and handing out samples.  Constant fine finger manipulation when handling smaller items such as toothpicks.  Occasional forceful gripping, repetitive motion.Vision: To identify areas needing cleaning and to move quickly and safely through crowded back areas of a retail store.Hearing:  To obtain instructions and information from other employees and to communicate with customers. Speech:  To provide information and instructions to customers and employees. Safeway will provide reasonable accommodation for qualified individuals with disabilities who can meet overall job requirements.

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