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Guest Service - Freight/Counter

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Travel, Transportation and Tourism
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Warbelow's Air Ventures on the East Ramp is now seeking:
GUEST SERVICE AGENTS - Counter / Freight

Our Guest Service Mission:
EXTEND SOULFUL HOSPITALITY to our guests-- and, enjoy doing it. WORK HARD -- create value for our guests. CARE [GENUINELY!] about the communities we serve.

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General Job Description
The guest service agent [GSA] has primary responsibility for assisting with all counter, reservations, freight, and ramp activities associated with guest departures/arrivals on flights to/from our Fairbanks-based terminal. The GSA is the frontline embodiment of Warbelow's mission of soulful hospitality, hard work, and genuine care/concern --- it is the relationship that the GSA builds with each guest, one interaction at a time, that ultimately transforms our guest service mission into an everyday reality for our guests.

The Perfect Fit
An individual who: genuinely cares about and enjoys serving people; likes to work hard [not just in concept, but in reality!!!]; thrives on work requiring serious flexibility and multi-tasking; views favorably the idea of having a physical labor component to their work day; thinks aviation is cool; and, finally, loves living in Interior/Arctic Alaska and is very excited about the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with the people and communities we serve.

The Specific Responsibilities
• Use computer reservation system to check-in departing guests.
• Weigh/tag guest baggage [must be able to lift 50 lbs].
• Collect guest payments.
• Screen guest baggage for hazmat.
• Answer phone and appropriately transfer phone calls.
• Take phone reservations.
• Perform cleaning activities at the terminal.
• Accept/expedite cargo and mail.
• Handle delayed or missing baggage.
• Load/unload freight and baggage on/off aircraft.
• Assist with other tasks or activities as required.

The Work Schedule
Guest service agents are trained to work both counter and freight --- and, on any given work shift, should expect their workflow to consist of a mix of counter/reservations and freight/ramp activities --- but, each guest service positions are associated with one of three primary work activities --- counter, freight, or flex. Both full-time and part-time positions are available. The specific guest service positions/shifts for which Warbelow's is now recruiting/hiring are available for viewing on our website. NOTE: The specific work schedule [days and hours] associated with ALL of the part-time positions listed above have the potential to be adjusted to better fit the life/work needs of any prospective coworker who appears to be a great fit with the Warbelow's team.

The Compensation
The wages and benefits associated with all guest service agent positions [both full-time and part-time] are available on our website. All GSA coworkers are eligible for inline flight benefits.

Things to Know
• Warbelow's is a tobacco-free workplace--the use of any tobacco product is not permitted at any time while working, or on company grounds.
• All GSA coworkers must possess a valid Alaska driver's license and have a good driving record.

Warbelow's has professional appearance guidelines in place to help enhance our guests' ability to focus-on and fully-appreciate the soulful hospitality emanating from within each of our coworkers versus being distracted by an exotic/extreme outward appearance --- our professional appearance standards are as follows:

• Uniforms kept clean, wrinkle-free, and odor-free --- footwear appropriate and in good repair.
• Hair kept clean and well-groomed --- no exotic hair styles or colors --- men's hair length above the collar --- men's facial hair/sideburns neatly-maintained and not extreme in length or exotic in style/color.
• Earrings may be worn by women --- in the ear lobe only, no longer than a one-inch dangle, and limited to one per ear while on duty ---men may not wear earrings while on duty.
• No facial or tongue jewelry/piercings --- no hanging neck jewelry or pins worn on the outside of uniform --- hand jewelry should not be excessive.
• Visible tattoos are not permitted [if a coworker has one, it must be covered while working].

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