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Grants Administrator

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Nonprofit Charitable Organizations
Grants Administrator
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Bachelors degree with continuing education and experience in related f
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The grant writer/administrator is responsible for preparing, writing and administering grants to foundations, corporations, and governmental agencies.  This position prepares progress reports, including financial reports, to entities that have awarded grants to the Alaska Native Heritage Center (ANHC).  Grants are prepared for both capital projects and operating programs.  Position recognizes and acts on other fundraising opportunities.

Essential Responsibilities:
·        Research funding sources through the use of Internet, professional publication, and other sources.  Review guidelines to determine feasibility of the grant.  Make any recommendations or follow-up needed.
 ·        Write grant proposals or letters of intent to foundations, corporations, and government agencies on behalf of ANHC.  Determine the measurable goals and objectives of the project, substantiating the need for the program in the community and the culture.  Through collaboration, determine the precise procedure that the organization intends to use to carry out the program objectives.  Write letters of intent, adapting each proposal to the unique specifications of the fund originator as described through their guidelines. 

·        Maintain a detailed database to include all data collections and reporting matters.  Consistently advice and review on matters of data collection to ensure grant guidelines are being met.  Prepare required reporting for funding agencies in a timely manner to ensure accuracy.


·        Interpret guidelines and instructions for grant preparation issued by potential funders.  Promote collaborating relationships with individuals and organizations.  Assist other staff members and various departments with various information requests regarding funding, collaboration, partnerships, and other opportunities.


Minimum Experience:  Minimum of two years grant writing experience required.  Ability to write proficiently and produce letter-perfect documents for submittal to potential funding entities.  Expert grammar and spelling, vocabulary, editing and proofreading skills.  Possess excellent communication and customer service skills.  Ability to develop budgets and spreadsheets for budget preparation and analysis.  Interpret and follow oral and written direction.  Ability to set and follow goals and objectives.  Proficient with computers and various software, including non-profit fundraising software.  Knowledge and familiarity with various processes of local, regional, and international funding agencies.  Responsive to short deadlines.  Possess exceptional organizational skills and ability to plan and prioritize.  Familiar with Alaska Native culture.