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AlaskaNativeJobs.com is quickly becoming the most popular site on the Internet for Alaskan’s seeking employment. They typically stick around for 12 minutes each time they visit AlaskaNativeJobs.com. At AlaskaNativeJobs.com, we've defined and redefined online job searching and continue to evolve to fit customer needs.

Through the AlaskaNativeJobs.com Network Program, thousands of Alaska Natives worldwide are learning that the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act is working as intended by our elders.  ANCSA corporations are evolving and securing a bright future for Alaska Natives with wise investments creating jobs and making a difference in Alaska’s economy.

The AlaskaNativeJobs.com website is making a difference to a growing list of potential employees who visit the website and choose to add their resume to the website for future employment consideration. Now, you have the opportunity to become involved with this timely effort and become a powerful contributor to support the ongoing effort of the website!

What does it mean to be a sponsor? Sponsors play an important role in the success of this program. There are many areas that you can make a difference from your continued use of the website whether posting jobs or seeking out applicants to becoming a sponsor.

AlaskaNativeJobs.com recognizes that businesses may want to contribute in different ways and so we offer a range of (sponsorship options). Join other program sponsors to make a huge difference to the community, your corporation and your workforce. Take up the challenge now, (fill out an application form ) and reap the benefits!



These organizations support AlaskaNativeJobs.com and help put Alaskans to Work.

Sponsor Benefits

Being a sponsor means you will be part of an alliance made up of some most influential businesses, both For-Profit and Non-Profit institutions in the Alaska. You can bring opportunity to job seekers through your support of the website. From financial support to work placements, you can make a positive and flexible contribution to the community, while deriving significant benefits for your own organization.

Key Benefits:

    * Reduced recruitment costs
    * Complete access to our growing Resume Data Base.
    * Build a pipeline of Networking professionals for the future
    * Good corporate citizenship and strong PR for your organization

What can I sponsor?

    * Become a Corporate Sponsor

      - Post Jobs
      - Offer Internship Opportunities to Students
      - Provide a link on your corporate website
You can sign up for one of the following Sponsorship packages or we can create one for you, to meet your needs.

For Silver, Gold and Platinum sponsors, provides a link to your website via our Native Corporation and Communities page. Your donation will help provide much needed capital to support the growth of AlaskaNativeJobs.com and help put Alaska Natives to work from now well into the future.

Annual Sponsorships:

Silver Sponsorship US$1,500 donation or in-kind commitment:  Provides a logo with a link to your website on our sponsorship page and other locations throughout the website.

Gold Sponsorship US$2,000 donation or in-kind commitment:  Provides a logo with a link to your website on our sponsorship page and lower front page guaranteed number of 500 impressions daily.

Platinum Sponsorships Above US$5,000 donation or in-kind commitment: Provides a logo with a link to your website on our sponsorship page and Upper front page guaranteed 500 impressions link to your website via your logo and guaranteed steady link on our Corporation and Communities page.

All levels of sponsorship receive access annual access to AlaskaNativeJobs.com as well as other recognition and branding opportunities.

So put us to work to create a custom branding solution that delivers the perfect audience and environment for your marketing message. It'll be one of the smartest investments you ever make.

Fill out an application form and join other sponsors in this exciting Alaska Native Jobs and Talent Bank initiative!